Bespoke Applications

We can create a wide array of bespoke applications to interface directly with your plant equipment and generate a central database of your plants performance, transmit live data via your corporate network / intranet to alert key personnel in the event any of your plant stops in the form of automated email or sms messages.   All applications and reports can be fully tailored to suit your specific needs.

  • Live and historical data capture and reporting systems
  • Automated plant/equipment efficiency reporting
  • Automate your planned maintenance activities by a schedule / equipment running hours
  • FMA / SPC
  • Control of machine functions and parameters from a single windows based PC
  • Process, Recipe and batch control systems
  • Barcode reading and printing systems
  • Component and RFID systems
  • Fully customised database systems with functional front end HMI's

 We can automate a wide variety of your scheduled manual functions in the form of a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)  The system can be fully tailored to your personal requirements, automatically generate PM check sheets on pre-determined dates or by accumulated running hours, generate Operator Description Sheets (ODS) to enable anyone to perform the checks to a set standard, flag to key personnel if critical checks have been missed and automatically reschedule for the next available slot in a busy production environment.

Various examples of our previous projects will shortly be available in the download section

Please contact us now with your requirements or if you have identified a problem but have no solution, we can analyze and identify a cost effective solution tailored to suit your needs.  From the initial consultation we use our own in-house programmers and fully integrate into your facility giving us full control over all aspects of the project.